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Chasing Certainty with Ryan Luelf

Aug 6, 2018

Are you or a loved one facing disease? A diagnosis? I was! What I didn't anticipate was that I would be facing financial expenses and even a financial burden at the exact same time. Being handed a death sentence just 3 years ago, I had no money and a big dream of finding a way to heal, overcome, and even live beyond cancer. I needed money. In this podcast I share with you what I did and how I raised the funds necessary to heal on my own terms and give myself every chance possible to do the impossible. You will get insights, thoughts, and observations from all my fundraising efforts that yielded me over $100,000 during my healing journey. In this episode you will receive 7 tips and some of the best stuff I have to share that is also now in my newly released FUNDRAISING COURSE, Freely Funded. The Debt Free Healing strategy to empower, equip, and inspire people to be FREE to ask, FREE to receive, and to offer others the opportunity to be FREE to give. Everyone is talking about how to treat disease, heal disease, and even overcome disease, BUT no one is talking about how to pay for it. Join me as I dive into the topic of how to pay for ones healing journey without being buried in debt. Remember, SHIFT HAPPENS!

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