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Chasing Certainty with Ryan Luelf

Aug 13, 2018

Freely Funded, The Debt Free Healing Strategy for anyone to heal on their own terms. Are you facing financial expenses and burden on top of your disease, illness, or crisis? I know I was.

With all health issues comes the need for money, and the need to have funds and resources that tangibly allow all of us all to get started and keep going on what can be a long journey back to health.

In this episode I have the Freely Funded team here with me along with Caroline as well, as we unpack the back story and creation of this amazing project. You will get to know the stories behind each one of us and how we came together to create this one of a kind course.

Freely Funded was created by survivors for survivors as each of us has been personally touched by dis-EASE, Cancer specially. You will find yourself, laughing, crying, and even motivated to go take action and fund your healing journey just the way you desire to. Remember on this podcast, SHIFT HAPPENS! Episode 10 will be no exception. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the diversity of our team and decide today that you will go fund yourself!

* My apologies to our partner Andy and Jessica as I accidentally referred to Jessica as Julie in the episode, oops.

** Also, thanks for tuning in to this less than perfect episode as we had a few audio glitches, but felt overall it was too good not to release.

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