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Chasing Certainty with Ryan Luelf

Oct 17, 2018

Ryan connects with a facebook friend for the first time by visiting him in his home in New Jersey. Chris is healing from cancer himself, fundraising his way through, and deeply touched by all that his journey is bringing to light. In this interview he shares some incredible wisdom about what he has learned, is learning and the impact that others are having on his total transformation from the inside out. He is also using the freely funded course that was created earlier this year and what you will hear will touch you deeply. No matter what you are facing or what you are wanting to create in your life, this episode will spark and ignite something within you as you SHIFT into something fresh and new. Make sure to visit and follow Ryan on his instagram and go to his bio for the LINK to purchase the course at 1/2 price and be the first to get the new hard bound workbook that is available for purchase now as well. Freely Funded, the fundraising course that sparks healing inside of you in ways and areas that you didn't even know existed. Remember SHIFT HAPPENS so fully embrace it and create the reality you desire. 

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