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Chasing Certainty with Ryan Luelf

Sep 24, 2018

What frequency signal are sending out? Are you tuned into the vibration of gratitude? Have you ever awakened to the awareness that you are in control of your life, reality, and all that you attract into it? Perhaps you aren't, I wasn't. Thankfully through a process I embarked on during my adventures with cancer, I realized that I could practice new and fresh things that would transform my entire human existence. On this episode I speak to one of those and share ideas on how all of us can grow in the awareness of how to live out the art of appreciating. Focusing in on contrast in order to find a feeling of satisfaction and thankfulness is just one powerful way we all can live well and bring forth well being in our lives. You will benefit from this podcast and have the opportunity to SHIFT right now and right here. Because on these episodes, Shift Happens every single time! Enjoy, Share with all you know, and write a Review about how much the podcast is impacting you.

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